1. Walking on the flooded salt valley floor.

  2. In search for the perfect one.

  3. Aligator in the wild.

  4. Checking out Zabriskie point

  5. Looking down the main valley.

  6. My friend and I came upon this bear while hiking on the Muir Grove trail in Sequoia National Park.  He was really focused on the the log so we just hung out until he moved on.

  7. In 2003 my brother and I took a road trip through all of the National Parks in Utah. Arches was our first stop and I got to stand inside the ‘Delicate Arch.’  A moment I never thought possible while growing up on the east coast.  

    -Remember Arches National Park

  8. Yosemite National Park.  

  9. California Dreamin’

  10. A painted ship upon a painted ocean